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Learning Resources

Courses on Campus Courses focusing on or utilizing Geographic Information Systems/Science are offered by a few departments on campus. Some of these courses are only offered at the graduate level.
  • Geographical Studies
    • Introduction to GIS (GEOG 28201/38201)
    • Intermediate GIS (GEOG 28400/38400)
    • Advanced GIS Analysis (GEOG 28600/38600)
  • Comparative Human Development
    • Inequality in Urban Spaces (CHDV 20305/40315, CRES 20305, PBPL 20305)
  • Economics
    • Urban Economics (ECON 26600, GEOG 26600/36600, LLSO 26202, PBPL 24500)
  • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
    • Ancient Landscapes 1: GIS and Landscapes (NEAA 20061/30061, GEOG 25400/35400, ANTH 26710/36710)
    • Ancient Landscapes 2: GIS and Landscapes (NEAA 20062/30062, GEOG 25800/35800, ANTH 26711/36711)
  • Public Policy Studies
    • Public Policy Practicum (PBPL 26200, PBPL 26300)
    • GIS Applications in Social Science (PPHA 38520)
  • Sociology
    • Introduction to Spatial Data Science (SOCI 20253/30253, GEOG 20500, MACS 54000)
    • Spatial Regression Analysis (SOCI 40217)
    • Urban Structure and Process (SOCI 20104/30104, GEOG 22700/32700, SOSC 25100, CRES 20104)
 Online Courses ESRI's Virtual Campus offers many technical training courses in GIS software and analysis techniques. A list of courses are available free of charge for students, staff, or faculty affiliated with the University of Chicago. In order to access the online courses, please request access from  Enrollment for other courses is available with an educational discount from ESRI. Please contact with any questions or for enrollment information.Recommended Texts - Elementary Statistics for Geographers, 3rd ed. by James E. Burt, Gerald M. Barber, and David L. Rigby. (New York: Guilford Press, 2009) - The ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis, Volume 2, Spatial Measurements and Statistics by Andy Mitchell (Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2005) - Geographic Information Systems and Science, 3rd ed. by Paul A. Longley, Michael F. Goodchild, David J. Maguire and David W. Rhind. (New York: John Wiley and Sons, Ltd., 2010) - Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, 3rd ed. by Tim Ormsby, Eileen Napoleon, Robert Burke, and Carolyn Groessl (Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2010) - Getting to Know ArcGIS: Modelbuilder by David W. Allen (Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2011) - Python Scripting for ArcGIS by Paul A. Zandbergen (Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2013) - Quantitative Methods and Applications in GIS. By Fahui Wang (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2006) - Statistical Methods for Geography, A Student's Guide, 3rd ed. by Peter A. Rogerson (London: Sage Publications Ltd., 2010)