RCC-GIS offers training and workshops on a variety of topics relevant to spatial analytics, GIS software, spatial statistics, and spatial data mining.
RCC-GIS distributes and supports various GIS software platforms for analytics and map creation on a personal computer or in a server-based environment.
Locating, cleaning, and utilizing spatial data can be challenging. RCC-GIS helps users accomplish these tasks with various strategies and tools.

RCC-GIS enables the integration of spatial analysis with any discipline using location-based data from economics to agriculture and archaeology to medicine.


Welcome to the University of Chicago’s Research Computing Center (RCC) website for Geographic Information Science (GIS). The RCC-GIS portal provides information for locating data, taking classes, leveraging GIS software, and exploring research projects on campus.

RCC-GIS engages in interdisciplinary research and education with UChicago users who want to incorporate GIS methods and software. Spatial analysis research tools benefit any discipline using location-based data. RCC-GIS offers many services to the UChicago community, such as: cartography, data mining and transformation, spatial statistics, GIS desktop software, and high-performance computing solutions.

RCC-GIS also offers complimentary workshops and bootcamp courses on cutting-edge GIS methods and software. These courses allow UChicago researchers to independently overcome challenges associated with location-based data.